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Every year, our " NAM HOM COCONUT or THAI AROMATIC COCONUT " has been exported to more than 20 countries throughout the world in all continents; for instance, United State, Canada, United Kinddom, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, China, Japan and etc.  

THAI BEST PRODUCTS HOLDING CO.,LTD. or more commonly known as TBP, as a producer, manufacturer and distributor of Thai Aromatic Coconut, feels a deep responsibility to deliver our best to consumers all over the world in a sustainable manner. In doing so, TBP will continue to innovate in new products to serve growing consumer needs.











Our coconut
Our Experiences

Natural Process


The most important secret of our unique tasty Nam Hom coconuts or Aromatic coconuts is "100% NATURAL"

The taste of Nam Hom coconuts depends on 3 important ingredients.

1. The fertility of soil and the weather condition

2. The expertise of the farmers

3. The timing of harvesting



We own organic argoforestry at Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi Province, Thailand. 

"THE BEST LOCATION to grow Nam Hom coconut in the world"

"THE BEST LOCATION to grow Nam Hom coconut in the world"

The soild fertility (pH between 6 and 7) and the weather condition (Rainfall, warm temperature, and sunshine) here are perfectly suitable for planting Nam Hom coconut to have uniqueness and tastiest.

Skilled local farmer who has long experiences for growing and harvesting Nam Hom coconut.

From the very beginning step, we select only the qualified seedlings. During harvesting, we uses rope to slowly lower the coconuts to the ground in order to prevent any damage. Also, to convey the coconuts, we uses the water canals to ensure that there is no damage for each single coconut.


Six to seven months are the best time to harvest coconut depends on rainfall because it is the time that the coconut will get the peak flavour and nutrition.

Last secret to get the best Nam Hom coconut in the world is

"100% NATURAL" 

 in every single step 

as we strongly believe that the best gift that God has given is the nature itself.


With the punctiliuos packing process, we implement GAP, GMP, HACCP, and HALAL quality control which reflect our high quality fresh Nam Hom coconuts

In manufacturing process, there are 3 steps including triming, packaging, and storing.

Every process operates in a closed system ragarding GMP standard.


Our local skilled staff is very professional and familiar with each process due to more than 10 years.

Apart from the expertise, the clealiness is another factor that we focus on. Each equipment must be cleaned according to the standard to ensure the quality of each fresh Nam Hom coconut.​

For the storing process, we have the refrigerated room to control the proper temperature for keeping the coconuts fresh and tastiest. What is more, we implement the tracability technology to track and ensure that each coconut is delivered safely to the consumer.

The key is that every step is done under a strict inspection and qulity control to bring the best taste of each Nam Hom coconut.

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